KWQQ England
Broadcasting web sites all over the globe. - another place to host your web site, the place to have your site designed, the place to have your print advertisement coordinated with your web presence, and the place to get your site marketed, this one on a server in Great Britain (in case you want to reduce the possible influence of the US government in your private matters).

If you have been searching for a web site developer and provider that not only rents you some space on his servers but one that helps you to make your site do its job of really promoting your business, you have certainly come to the right place.

In the good old days of the internet it was enough just to put up a web site - the motto being something like

"Build it and they will come!"

but today this is not true any more. There are way too many that followed that advise and so more things need to be done to be noticed.

This is what we do when we market your site. We are sure that you will get many offers of submitting your website to hundred or even thousands of search engines - so what? Just a few is enough - or how many search engines do you know and how many do you actually use? Not really hundreds, right? What is there? Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask - I guess that covers 99% of all searches, so why bother the others - they will find you automatically because they will latch onto the big guys.

There are also the other services that promise you thousands of hits for thirty bucks. We investigated those and what we found was really a waste of money - yes you get the hits, but from whom? They are either programs pretending to be real visitors or at best people who look at your site with the only reason that somebody else looks at their web site in return- surely not very motivated visitors.

Sorry to say - but it still is true - you get what you pay for.

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